Are you investing your retirement accounts in Real Estate?

Management of Funds

Liberty Creek’s experienced team addresses each asset with the same process, from acquisition to exit, the priority is to protect the Investor’s capital, while achieving the highest return. Information is continually updated through our Private Portal.

Current Funds

The Liberty Creek Real Estate Fund, LLC (the Fund), has been organized to allow accredited investors to pool their capital to participate in the Commercial Multi Family market. The Fund will focus on assets under the radar of the big investors.

Investor's Opportunity

For the Accredited Investor, our Funds have strategic opportunities of investing. Liberty Creek maintains capital for Investors while their investment capital is secured on undervalued and performing multifamily assets.


Liberty Creek holds periodic webinars and seminars on Multifamily Real Estate and specific opportunities for Investors to participate. Sign up for our upcoming events or to learn more about the market from one of our specialists.


Liberty Creek Specializes in Managing Funds and Projects for Optimum Gains

Our Company History

Liberty Creek Capital Management was organized to reflect our vision in the marketplace. For the past five years we have been privately involved in Distressed Real Estate and Non-Performing Mortgage Notes.

Over the years we have had many requests from Investors to get involved and have decided it was time to expand our services by creating our Fund. Utilizing the strengths developed in the field not the boardroom to bridge the opportunities for Investors in real estate.

By focusing on the residential segment with the addition of commercial markets in multi- family, rv and mobile home parks we can provide diversity while allowing for both income and growth investing. Research shows the historical returns in these markets meet or exceed the goals of our vision for Investors.



Benefits of Investing with Liberty Creek

Investment Options

  • Diversity Fund

    The Liberty Creek Real Estate Fund assets are primarily Nonperforming Mortgage Notes, Bank Owned Properties and Commercial Apartments, RV and Mobile home parks that have a substantial value added position. Since most of these are vacant they are acquired at extremely deep discounts they also require the most work to bring them to the highest market price. Expected annual gross returns are from 15-25%. This Fund has the highest potential for return to Investors, but with more risk.

  • Income Fund

    Accredited Investors not wishing to be in the Liberty Creek Real Estate Fund as a Member are allowed to invest as a Note investor, knowing that current and potential income stream is in place. The portfolio will consist of undervalued properties that have an excellent rental income stream with an exit strategy of sale to the tenant or renovation and sale on the open market. This is an excellent investment for Self Directed IRA investing that are looking for consistent returns where funds are back by under market real property. Expected annual gross returns are 7-11%.

  • Growth Fund

    The Liberty Creek Real Estate Fund’s primary goal is the rotation of capital. Assets are purchased with an exit strategy of selling as quickly as possible, whether it is Mortgage Notes or REO’s, selling wholesale or retail. Expenses of the acquisition and earnings are returned back to the Fund for additional purchases. The goal is to recapitalize the Fund twice a year with an 8-10% gross income at each turn resulting in a 16-20% annual return for a 4 year term. An excellent way to invest for compounded returns secured by real property.

  • Specialty Projects

    Liberty Creek seeks specialized projects such as Apartment Complexes, or RV / Mobile home parks that have potentially high upside as they have been mismanaged, or are in need of substantial repair to bring the current rents and value back to market. These projects are where we bring investors together, either as Debt or Equity under a single entity structure for the specific project. Once it is complete the company is closed and income and earnings are distributed to the Investors. These are potentially high income deals, from 20-30% gross income.


  • Jean G.
         I’ve used my Self Directed IRA to invest with Liberty Creek in residential mortgage notes. This is for long term appreciation and the balance sheets show gains in excess of what was projected. I would highly recommend Liberty Creek.
    Jean G. (test)
  • Judy R.

    My husband and I have invested with Bill G. when he was in land development so it was a natural to follow him into his next venture. We are happy with the reports and know in where funds are invested.
    Judy R.
  • Henry A.

    I am disabled, and using my retirement for income has been a life saver. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way John has handled my account with Liberty Creek.
    Henry A.
  • James R.
         Having retired, I wanted to maintain my lifestyle and not draw down my retirement savings. I have a long term Note with Liberty Creek, the monthly payments allow me to enjoy an income knowing it is backed by real estate.
    James R.