Fund Assets

The Fund Manager acquires a balance of stabilized and value added assets for the Fund. The Fund will utilize the appropriate amount of leverage to achieve the highest annual returns for investors on properties that are projected to increase in value annually. Rental income is re-invested in new projects for the Fund, exit possibilities include selling the package to a REIT or individually at market rates to capitalize on appreciation.

Targeted Returns

The Fund has both equity and debt components for investors. The Debt aspect will provide
7 – 10% annual income based on the amount of capital invested into the Fund. Debt Investors are issued a Note and will not be Members of the Fund. Equity Investors are issued a preferred rate of return of 8% and 70% of the equity when the Fund is terminated in 8 years. The projected annual return is over 30%, this is not guaranteed but is calculated based on experience of assets that the Mangers has operated on in the past.

Fund Participation

The offering of the Liberty Creek Real Estate Fund is limited to accredited investors under the Regulation D – 506c rules of procedure. There are two types of participation:

Member Shares sold at $25,000 with a 2 Share minimum purchase. Members will be provided a preferred rate of return of 8% annually and 70% of the retained income.

Note holders. Notes are offered at 7-10% return paid quarterly from the operating account of the Fund. The minimum Note investment is $50,000 for a three year term. Higher amounts of capital will return higher rates of interest.

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