For the Accredited Investor, the Fund will purchase multifamily assets in strategic locations where the values show potential for value add with either renovation or rental increases. The Fund will maintain ownership in all properties with risk minimized by the purchasing of stabilized cash flowing properties or value added inventory with the strong potential for substantial growth.

Note or Loan Investing

For Investors looking for a higher rate of return than the money markets are providing, along with the security provided by a diversified portfolio of substantially undervalued real property, Note investments provide a quarterly payment based on the interest rate of the Note.

This is an excellent avenue for Investors looking to use their self directed IRA and 401k accounts where the income payments are returned to the custodian to continue to build up their account, or compounded for additional income.

Fund Membership

Investors who are looking for a higher return can invest in the Fund as a Member, becoming an equity partner in the Fund where there is an 7% preferred rate of return, paid first to the Members prior to a distribution of the remaining income. The Members will receive 70% of the retained income at the close of the Fund and the Manager will be compensated 30%. Projected returns for the Members are approximately 16% annually.

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