The Self Directed IRA or 401k

A Self Directed IRA or 401k is no different than any other IRA or 401k. What makes it unique is that you have control where the funds are invested. An excellent method of investing in one of our Funds is the use of your retirement accounts, whether it is an IRA, 401k or any other type of income taxed deferred account. By the use of self-directing your funds puts you in command of YOUR money. In a government sponsored retirement account your money is held by a Custodian, the fiduciary that maintains the accounting and regulatory means on your behalf. Most of these only allow you to invest in approved stocks, bonds, mutual funds and financial instruments such as CD’s. A truly Self-Directed Custodian provides you the latitude to invest in such things as real estate, notes, private placements, private business and so much more.

How a Self-Directed IRA Works

There are really two main ways to invest in a self directed fashion. Once you have moved your funds to a Custodian that allows the; latitude for you to direct your money you may:

  • Custodian Account Control. In this aspect, you determine where you would like to make investments and direct your custodian to make the necessary steps to invest. They will review the documents of the investment and make sure that it meets all requirements to maintain the status of a taxed deferred investment.
  • Self Directed Check Book Control. This process allows you to make all of the decisions, as long as they meet the IRS guidelines. While not for everyone, it is a less expensive method of making your self-directed account work for you.

You should consult with your professional financial advisor and Custodian before proceeding.

Ways to Invest in our Funds

  • Notes. Where you are looking for a defined return on investment with less risk, we issue Notes from the Fund that attracts you paid with interest paid quarterly.
  • Private Placements.  For maximum benefit with your funds you may subscribe in a Fund that provides a preferred rate of return and equity of retained earnings.
  • All Investment funds are secured by undervalued real property

Getting Started

Liberty Creek has established a close relationship with IRA Services Trust Company, a Custodian that specializes in Self Directing IRA’s. Their services provide a simple process with an excellent fee structure for their clients. To establish an account with IRA Services follow this link www.IRAServices.com/Liberty-Creek or contact billg@libertycreekllc.com for more information.

IRA Services Trust Company Application Instructions   Press Here